Wreath Kit Tutorial Videos

Hello! If you're here then that means you've bought one of my DIY Wreath Kits and you need some help with how to start creating your felt blooms.

You have everything you need in your kit apart from a hot glue gun. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL when using a glue gun and if you are attempting this kit with children DO NOT let them do ANY of the gluing.

Attaching your flowers to your wreath:

Once you have created all your flowers from the tutorials below its now time to start assembling your wreath. Use the wires on your flowers and leaves to secure the blooms to your wreath by wrapping them around the wreath tightly. Move things about and make sure you are happy with the placement of everything. Once you are happy place your wreath face down on a heat proof surface and put large dollops of hot glue onto each wire that is securing your blooms to your wreath. BE VERY CAREFUL when doing this. Pools of molten glue are not to be touched until they have completely cooled and gone solid.