Embroidery Kit Stitch Tutorials

Hello! If you're here then that means you've bought one of my DIY embroidery Kits and you need some help with how to start stitching.

Below are videos to help you master each stitch.

Back stitch - use for lines and outlines

Stem Stitch - again, use for lines and outlines but this stitch seems thicker as you can't see where the thread has entered and exited the fabric.

Straight Stitch -  Use this to fill in leaves and petals when you want to keep the thread flat and flush to the cotton.


Satin Stitch - This is a lovely stitch that creates a 3d effect. Start by outlining your element with a back stitch (above) and then fill in as below.


French Knot -  Lovely for decoration, for creating buds and for the middles of flowers. Be aware that the more times you wrap  your thread around your needle, the chunkier your knot will be.